Face Lifts with Mouth/Smile Enhancement

Case 1.
61 y/o with folds and bunching around mouth with 4 month result after extended face lift into corners of mouth
Case 2.
60 year old man with lax cheeks and mouth folds. 2 month result following face lift and direct removal of folds around the mouth

Case 3.
74 y/o patient with lax cheek skin and neck fat, long lip, drooping lip corners, and lip wrinkles
6 month result at age 74 following face and neck lift, plus mouth area deep phenol peel
7 year result following lip lift, corner lift, mouth fold lift, and repeat lip deep phenol peel at age 75, plus recent necklift and midface/lip fat injections now at age 82. Had nose surgery and chin implant (displaced) performed elsewhere. Implant was removed with recent facelift. Jawline is better and mouth is stabilized with advancing age
Same 74 y/o old patient preop
8 years after face and neck lift, lip and mouth area deep phenol peel, 7 years after lip, corner, and mouth fold lift, ( 4 years after nose and chin surgery done elsewhere )
three months following necklift with midface / lip fat injections, and removal of chin implant at age 82

Case 4.
62 y/o patient 8 days following facelift and mouth / lip phenol deep peel
4 month result age 62 with residual lip wrinkles
1 year result age 63, after face lift and 4 months after touchup mouth / lip medium depth phenol peel
5 years with very advanced lip / smile / mouth aging with laxity and wrinkles
1 year result age 68 after mouth / lip area laser, facial deep phenol peel, removal of mouth folds, and corner lift to upper lip restoring some youth to mouth without another facelift

Case 5.
52 year old patient 6 months following face and neck lift. Desiring work on folds around the lips but preserving her dimples
preop markings for fold removal
1 year result following direct removal of folds. Dimples are still present

Case 6.
62 y/o patient desiring facelift and lip peel for wrinkles having folds around mouth
2 week result following face lift and now seeing the value for direct removal of mouth folds
two year result at age 64 following face and neck lift, mouth area medium depth phenol peel, and mouth fold removal with corner lip lift done 2 weeks following the face surgery